Harris Kreichman Renews ANA CAMP Certification

Harris Kreichman Renews ANA CAMP Certification

Harris Kreichman, Managing Partner of eTargetMedia, completed 10 hours of the Association of National Advertiser’s (ANA) continuing education courses and has officially renewed his Certified ANA Marketing Professional (CAMP) certification.

The Certified ANA Marketing Professional program is an extensive and rigorous program that gives qualified marketing professionals an opportunity to get certified in important advertising and marketing topics. Harris Kreichman became a Certified ANA Marketing Professional in 2019. He is dedicated to keeping the certification status and is already working on completing the 10 continuing education units that are necessary to renew for 2021.

The Certified ANA Marketing Professional (CAMP) certification is a significant investment in enriching Harris’s professional development and is a value added benefit to eTargetMedia’s clients. The CEU courses help to keep Harris and the eTargetMedia team continually increasing their marketing knowledge as well as teaching the company about new trends and evolutions in digital and direct marketing strategies.

The ANA CAMP program helps to elevate eTargetMedia’s marketing campaigns with insight into market drivers and best practices — from strategy to execution to tracking metrics. The ANA provides relevant and timely insights, tools, and resources to help marketers expand their brands and by engaging with the ANA's educational tools and content, Harris Kreichman and the eTargetMedia team are constantly increasing their knowledge and experience.

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