Harris Kreichman Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Tips from Harris Kreichman

Harris Kreichman’s 10 Go-to Email Marketing Tips

Harris Kreichman Marketing Tips

Harris Scott Kreichman Gives Email Marketing Tips

Email and direct marketing specialist Harris Kreichman has over 25 years of experience in the field, providing strategic marketing consulting to companies to help build their brand. Harris always stresses the importance of email marketing in a successful digital marketing strategy and Harris feels that the email marketing landscape today is more dynamic; offering much more opportunities for sales and brand growth compared to the past decade.

Here are ten quick tips on email marketing that Harris Kreichman swears by:

  1. Identify lead generation techniques to come up with a comprehensive list of email recipients (you can use an app or software for lead generation, add an opt-in option on your website or social media accounts, etc.)
  2. Create an engaging welcome message (graphics and images with a compelling and concise copy)
  3. Send customer-centric success stories (can be generated through interviews)
  4. Send brand-centric stories (your early beginnings, advocacies, sustainable practices, etc.)
  5. Send how-to’s, tips, tutorials, and other relevant DIY information
  6. Win back ‘idle’ subscribers with re-engagement messages (e.g. Hi, Lisa! We miss you! Here’s a little something we thought you’d enjoy.)
  7. Always respond to inquiries and reply to other emails from existing and potential customers within the day; within an hour or two is even better
  8. Send acknowledgement emails for orders or purchases, subscriptions, and other sales-related activities from your website or e-commerce site as soon as a transaction is completed
  9. Invitate your customers to participate in exclusive events, deals, and other members-only happenings
  10. Request customer feedback with every purchase or transaction (lead-ins could be to inquire if there is anything else you can do for them or ask them how to make their customer experience better)

Stay tuned to Harris Kreichman for more marketing tips, Harris’s advocacies, and everything in between.